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My fellow members,

I am proud to introduce myself, Terrance Norris to you all, and sincerely would like to meet you in person soon, because there is no person that stands alone in this world. We are all connected in some beautiful manner. My vision for each member is financial freedom through our unique platform.

Even though I have won and achieved some great honors while as the CEO of a high-technology firm, Precision Labs, such as multiple business of the year awards, regional chamber of commerce president, television and speaking appearances and so much more, there is nothing that makes me prouder than to command a bright new ship into the commerce world together with you.

Over the years I have taken the time to fight for legislation locally, at the California state level and at the federal level. I am the CEO of Precision Labs and as CEO of Global Coin Professional, my first task is to obtain our Gambling License because I’m a native American who has developed connections with casinos and tribal leaders.

Of course, like many others, I have had dealings with multi-level marketing spanning decades. Perhaps what sets me apart from many others is that I influence the MLM companies to change for the better. The MLM that offers the best value of wealth to its members will achieve the most in this world.

The aspects of Global Coin Professionals that are the most attractive is that we do not force auto ship on members and we build real wealth for members.

In speeches to colleges, I always emphasize that tenacity is a strong characteristic for those who succeed well in life. You and I do not know how many people it takes for you to find your personal right leader to follow you, therefore you must search diligently and constantly until you succeed. Your dreams are becoming closer to reality with Global Coin Professionals than any other platform I could envision.

Until we meet, I will work hard for the best compensation plans and most stable platforms for your wealth to reside upon. I wish you the best for love, health, happiness, and so much more Sincerely,



Terrance Norris


Global Coin Professionals